Every skincare lovers dream!


This gift set comes with 3 full size North & Vine products all wrapped up in an adorable bag.

You get the HA Brightner, Trinity C Serum and the Holy Grail Powder.



HA Brighteners + Botanicals

Replenishing & Brightening Hydrator

Why you’ll love it:
We’ve kicked this Hyaluronic Acid up a notch. 

HA fortifies skin’s natural barriers to help lock in moisture, while revitalizing skin’s outer surface layer. 

HA draws water into the skin and plumps it up, giving volume. Throw in a bonus Vitamin B3 for brightness, add a peptide that stimulates collagen, and follow it up with a mix of botanicals.


Trinity C + Bakuchiol

Super Vitamin C Serum

Why you’ll love it:

Trinity C + Bakuchiol. If one C is good, three is better.

The star Vitamin C is THD Ascorbate. Unlike l-ascorbic, it will not oxidize and is known to be 50x more powerful.

This luxurious, silky serum provides skin-restoring & skin-soothing ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin, while brightening an uneven skin tone.

Bakuchiol, an Ayurveda medicine, is derived from the plant babchi that mimics retinol by improving elasticity & diminishing wrinkles.

You’ll appreciate that bakuchiol is a less pesky, irritating form of retinol.


Holy Grail + Polish

Vitamin C Brightener Boost

Why you’ll love it:
We took the ordinary and made it extraordinary. 

Pure l-ascorbic vitamin C power, add a silky touch, and mix in a little tint equals a little extra radiance to your skin. 

You know all about how incredibly awesome vitamin C is, right? Yeah, there are lots of Vitamin C products out there, but you just moved to the front of the line. Mix ½ scoop (included) to the base of any serum or moisturizer.

North & Vine Gift Set